Shopping event for fashion boutique's clients

If your company wants to help female executives to reduce insecurities and unproductive worries, increase their performance and improve the image of female executives while they are in pressing situations like:

  • Present company on the stage
  • Give an expert's speech on the stage
  • Give a video interview
  • Participate in a professional photoshoot
  • Participate in a business networking event, conference
  • Have negotiations with clients
  • Have negotiations with business partners
  • Hold a meeting with the board of directors, senior management
  • Deal with conflict situation with angry or rude individuals
  • Daily interaction with employees

then I offer you:

  • Psychological wardrobe masterclass for company's female executives. During which all participants will learn how to create a situational workwear plan to develop their potential and achieve business goals in every pressing situation at work.
  • Duration 6h, groups up to 10 females

These services don’t include the diagnosis or treatment of mental, emotional, nervous, or behavioral disorders. All client information is confidential.

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