Masterclass for company

If you want to boost your confidence, fully express yourself, embrace your uniqueness to achieve your business goals in pressing situations like:

  • Pitch idea on the stage
  • Present a product on the stage
  • Give an expert's speech on the stage
  • Give a video interview
  • Have a job interview
  • Participate in a professional photoshoot
  • Participate in a business networking event, conference
  • Have negotiations with clients
  • Have negotiations with business partners
  • Present your work to the board of directors
  • Deal with conflict situation with angry or rude individuals
  • Daily Interaction with employees

then I have a solution for you:

  • An individual online Psychological wardrobe consultation. During which you will get work wardrobe plan - garments matched to your personality and business situation.
  • Duration 45 min; Price 250 USD.

Long term assistance:

  • You can take a package of 3 online consultations for 350 USD.
  • Each consultation lasts 30min and package is valid for one year.
  • I will advise you and give feedback on selected garments. Before each consultation client should present pictures of pre-select garments that were chosen for an upcoming business situation.

These services don’t include the diagnosis or treatment of mental, emotional, nervous, or behavioral disorders. All client information is confidential.

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