My Story | I have never seen an example of a woman I want to become.

I have never seen an example of a woman I want to become.

Today more than ever, women are engaged in professional life, in science, in politics, and in entrepreneurship. They are striving to balance work and family life, which is arguably the hardest job to do. We have fewer role models to look up to, unlike for men.

I grew up mostly around women that were man-like, directive and dominant, having no time for children, their husbands, or even for themselves. Men were behind them, and not as noticeable. Women positioned themselves as the most important and valuable person in the family. They saw men as weak and had all the power.

While growing up, I met other families and saw a man who was direct, dominant, and aggressive, who acted like he was the most important person in the family with the power clearly belonging to him. I saw a woman who was beautiful, emotional, kind, and nurturing, who didn’t work outside the home and was emotionally dependent on her husband. I saw women without an equal relationship, with no power and no happiness.

I left home at 16, went to Italy and started to work as a model. I thought it was a dream job - a very beautiful and feminine profession. But the reality was different. I lost the feeling that my kindness, emotionality, and caring about others was worth something. I lost the feeling that I was a beautiful woman. My whole wardrobe changed to black, and other people started calling me the Snow Queen, cold and beautiful.

I wanted to become true myself. I have a bachelor’s degree in psychology and am working on my masters. I have brough back colors into my life. For women’s psychological health, it’s important to have a job where she can feel self-fulfillment and autonomy.

I am soft, emotional, empathetic, care about relationships, and have a very feminine appearance. I am also a young mother and wife. It’s only possible to balance work and life because I am always learning how to get better and it’s a lot of work. I started my own business, a clothing line that brings joy, makes women feel beautiful and worthy, elevates confidence, and helps women express their feminine strength.

I am not a designer, and I have no idea how to make that dress - I study psychology and care about professional women’s everyday feelings. I am searching for the way to make your day easier and more joyful. How to stay a lady while running businesses, working for a company, being in politics or entrepreneurship, and being bosses.