Creation of female CEOs wardrobe

  • Individually tailored garment from Jelena Kupate design based on client’s Psychological portrait established during offline consultation.
  • Consultation creates time for yourself, gives recharge in your world of rapid action while presenting you in a trendy and professional look.


  • Personal shopping assistance

Early career female consultation

  • An individual online Psychological wardrobe consultation.
  • Teaches how to choose garments that match an individual's personality, boosts confidence in business situations and encourages self-expression. Used in order to achieve business goals and grow as a future leader.

Masterclass for companies

  • Psychological wardrobe masterclass for company's female executives team.
  • Teaches each participant to create a situational workwear plan. Psychological approach to workwear helps female executives to develop their potential, improve performance and achieve business goals.

Collaboration with high-end fashion brands

  • In-store psychological styling session for modern business women who are brand’s clients.
  • Helps brand to sell with a meaning. While clients get empowerment and confidence in the new garment.

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Dress not how you feel, but how you want to feel

Jelena Kupate is a fashion psychology consultant and fashion curator with a degree in Psychology. She conducts research in the Fashion Psychology field and interviews executive women.

She advises female leaders on a professional image by curating their wardrobe from the psychological perspective and designs individually tailored garments.

Jelena leads masterclasses within international companies and collaborates with high-end designers. She has successfully worked within business and fashion in London, New York, and Moscow.