Individual consultation

An online/offline individual consultation

  • Examining existing wardrobe and revealing psychological reasons behind it.
  • Understanding how to express yourself in the work environment.
  • Resulting in personal growth, - become a woman who understands herself.

Masterclass for company

Masterclass within the company for female executives’ team

  • Practical exercises on how to use clothing to influence yourself to achieve your own and company's objectives.
  • Resulting in psycho-emotional wellbeing, self-leadership, and higher performance.

Shopping event for fashion boutique's clients

An entertaining and self-explorative in-store psychological shopping event for the boutique female clients

  • Understanding the psychology behind the client's clothing choice.
  • Individually selecting garments that match the client’s psychological portrait.
  • Resulting in increased sales on the spot, satisfaction with the purchase and client’s loyalty.

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Jelena Kupate

Jelena Kupate is a Fashion Psychology consultant with a degree in Psychology. Advancing women’s self-leadership by using clothing as a tool to embrace their natural self in the professional environment. Jelena gives individual consultations, conducts masterclasses in international companies and hosts shopping events for fashion brands.

Fashion Psychology - discipline in Psychology focused on the impact of clothing on the way we behave, think and feel on an unconscious level.