Creation of female CEOs wardrobe

An exclusive individual consultation with fashion psychology consultant.

  • Examining existing wardrobe and revealing psychological reasons behind it.
  • Understanding psychological barriers to self-expression in your work environment.
  • Shopping assistance or individually tailored garments.
  • Resulting in a self-assured woman that enhances and balances her professional and feminine sides.

Masterclass for company’s female executives

Masterclass within the company for female executives’ team.

  • Results in higher engagement and performance at work, self-leadership and psycho-emotional wellbeing.

Shopping event for high-end fashion brands

An entertaining and self-explorative In-store psychological shopping event for the brand’s female clients.

  • Results in the creation of psychological bond with the presented collection, increased sales and clients' satisfaction with the purchase.

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Fashion Psychology for professional women

Jelena Kupate is a fashion psychology consultant and fashion curator with a degree in Psychology. She advises female leaders worldwide on a professional image by curating their wardrobe from the psychological perspective. Empowering and encouraging women to balance their professional and feminine expression. Jelena gives individual consultations, conducts masterclasses in international companies and hosts shopping events with high-end brands.